Renewed services, familar quality

To listen to your customers is important. EquInnoLab. is there to support growth and development in horseriding. This we achieve through help riders grow, and to do that even better still today, we have recently renewed our services so that every rider can choose what fits him or her the best. The same, familiar quality, now sorted in logical units. For starters, literally, we now have our intake-package. This involves an intake-interview, a complete posture analysis and of course a personal report of our diagnostic findings.

For the rider that is revisiting, we offer our monitor-package, in which we check the riders’ progress in his or her personal training schedule, that we update if necessary.

Riders that don’t really feel the need to be turned inside out completely, but would like our help to fight a specific problem, can make use of our Pro-package. In this shortened measurement session we specifically focus on the riders problem area, and help them find a solution that works for both rider and horse.

Those that like the full experience find such in our Premium-package. Here, we analyse a riders posture throughout all three gates, both left- and right way round. We then provide our diagnostic findings in an exclusive report, and of course offer our advice as how to improve yourself.

Especially for those most ambitious, we offer our V.I.P. option. This additional service can be added to every package, and is meant to truly kickstart your development. Based on the results of your measurements, and the therefrom formed training advice, our ambassadress Jenny Schreven provides a personalized training in which your specific training requirements are key.

For our true fans of the Rider Fit Package, we conserved this package as our most extensive package under the name Two-day rider improvement.

More information can be found on our services page. Also, you can always contact us. We’re here to help!

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