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Deliberate focus will boost your performance and dramatically speed progression in training. We capture your performance to maximize your potential. Helping riders and coaches at our center or on site.

Our range of possibilities



We are happy that you decided to really learn more about yourself and your horse, as a team.

Whether you are stuck in your training progress, you have any struggles, you want to top off your performance or you just like to know and monitor your training status, we have the right analysis for you.

During the intake we get all the relevant information about you and your horse. We will use the information to make the processing of your data even more valuable. 



Get in your sport clothes, get on your horse! This is where you are doing most of the work and where things get practical. 

We test you using our technologies and expertise. That’s why, depending on what you want to find out, we can advise you into picking Rider Physique Test, Motion Analysis or Recovery Test. Or all of them!



Our Rider Physique Test will output data mapping the characteristics of your body, in terms of the technical, tactic and physical dimensions of horse riding.

The Motion Analysis gives us dynamic motion data of you and your horse, showing movement patterns of both athletes, alone and as a team.

The Recovery Test simply measures the basics of equestrian sports physiology.  We measure how you and your horse respond to exercise.



Our team uses the specific knowledge of movement sciences and equestrian performance to interpret all data gathered during the testing. 

You get a report which contains your specific performance profile, with your strengths and weaknesses and the separation of cause and effect. 

Get the right test to learn about your performance profile

Head on to our Booking page and select the type of Analysis that suits you best. Or you can simply contact us and get a personal offer.


We helped our athletes get closer towards their goals, with careful planning, goal setting and training support. This is what they say about us. 

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