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Want to know how we do it? We will provide you with short and intensive courses to help you become the trainer, coach or judge of the future. Schooling for professionals, by professionals, together with other professionals.

Our range of possibilities


We love to train professionals as well as every other individual with passion and interest. We offer courses for riders and coaches, but also for officials like judges. Within our range from all training principles, the use of data to make training decisions, to locomotion and biomechanics, we are sure that we have a course that suits you. Keep an eye on our ticketshop or request a course via e-mail!

Assisted Coaching

This is where we use intervision. This is an expertise development form in which we form groups of professionals in sessions. During these sessions, fellow colleague coaches or judges call on each other’s expertise to help gain insights into difficulties they are facing. This can be troubles with the development of a student, or the interpretation of performance.

These sessions are led by our professionals, either licensed coaches or sport scientists, according to the need of the intervision subject. We will open sessions with specific subjects every couple of weeks, but are also working on demand!

Clinics and demonstrations

Sometimes you would just like to be triggered, or you have a group of people that want to get acquainted with our innovative services. Become a part of our community and prepare for the future of equestrian sports. We show you what better decision making in training is!

We can do this at your stable, at your equestrian (pony) sports club, at our facilities or even online! Get in touch with us via e-mail.

Become a licensed coach

Do you want to go that extra mile? This is for the coaches, that meet specific requirements on education and experience, that want to become a part of our team. We focus on educating coaches based on movement sciences, and being able to work with a data and evidence-based support team. We offer a very intensive program, or a program spread over several months.

Differentiate yourself from all those trainers, and become a coach with a plan! And a support team of course. You can book this education or e-mail us about the expected dates.

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