Train smarter, not harder

A clear goal and strategy will make you perform better. We help you to focus on and excel at micro goals that add up to your seemingly impossible long-term ambition. Helping you add logic to your training with a personal touch.

This is how we train



The most important part of our training support is getting to know you. Offering training support is very personal. Our team of highly educated sport scentists will go above and beyond into knowing your training history, your injuries, your goals and ambitions. And there’s more than that. We will gather information from you that is based on science so that we can prepare for the next step, the Training Plan.

All our Training Support services include Intake, which is the basis towards creating your Training Plan. Intake can vary from essential to extensive, depending on your goals.



Now that we know you, we will make the perfect Training Plan for you. Depending on the service you choose, the Training Plan can adjust to your own agenda. Whether you want a goal based plan, a yearly plan or a daily training plan, we will carefully design it, using all the intake data.

If you already thought of having an Analysis done as part of your Intake, know that we can do even more to adjust the Training Support and help you excel.



We already know that each individual reacts differently to training, that’s why a plan needs to be flexible. Sticking to the plan is important but being able to adapt to holidays, illness, injury or other events is key.

You choose how many contacts you want with your personal sport scientist and with our team. Having your own sport scientist can encourage you to stick to the plan, motivate you and help you pass the obstacles that can come in the way. This will also allow us to update your Training Plan on the go.

Get the right training support for you goals

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