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“En nou is het afgelopen”, met ongefundeerd de publieke opinie bewerken. Arjen Lubach, hoe jij, en velen voor jou, de klap denken te moeten geven aan onze sector in plaats van zich te richten op mooie prestaties

"And now it's over", with unsubstantiated manipulation of public opinion. Arjen Lubach, how you, and many before you, think you should give the blow to our industry instead of focusing on fine accomplishments

Trying to influence public opinion about horse racing by focusing on things that go wrong. That does seem to be becoming more the rule than the exception. And you guys are just going to have to focus on the exceptions. As an equestrian industry, we have a...
Esmee Boers and Maud van Walstijn to Le Mans

Esmee Boers and Maud van Walstijn to Le Mans

The end of January, during the difficult times at Corona, we kicked off our "Road To the European Championships" training support program at Stal 't Kabel for two very ambitious pony riders: Esmee Winters and Maud van Walstijn. With just a couple of...