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Upon participation in this refresher course, you will receive 35 KNHS license points.

During this continuing education course, you will learn the importance of versatile training with horses. In humans, it has been shown that athletes who practice multiple sports achieve more success in their target sport. This is because adaptability is increased which not only allows the body to move better, but also makes it more resistant to injury.

In the various disciplines of equestrian sports, training is often mainly discipline-specific, at the same location and on the same surface. Such one-sided training is very stressful for the horse; research has shown that there is a strong correlation between training variation and missed training days.

Therefore, when training horses, it is important to start with the basics by working on movement skills. Among other things, we use knowledge of the Athletic Skills Model, a concept based on the vision of René Wormhoudt and Professor Dr. Geert Savelsbergh of the University of Amsterdam.

We also include a bit of growth and development of the horse; how a horse can develop optimally physically and how we as humans can contribute to that.

By the end of this refresher course, you will know more about how to use all-around development to peak in one branch of the sport.

The in-service training will take place at the former Deurne Equestrian Center, renamed the Green Valley Estate since the summer of 2021. This accommodation has a rich history of knowledge sharing for horse lovers, and we are happy to continue that tradition.

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