The goal of this project is to develop content for an interesting knowledge sharing event on the use of data in the equestrian sports, specifically for Coach 5 (and obviously Coach 6 as well) classified KNHS instructors.

A licensed Coach 5 has made the crossover to other sports and his or her way of coaching during the education program. The purpose of this is to inspire coaches and broaden their knowledge. For many this is a very interesting but theoretical story, and are still looking for ways to incorporate this into their own training method. This is why we started this project.

The goal is to develop a presentation on a specific high-level (Grand Prix) dressage issue that was solved by 2D motion analysis and movement sciences during an inspiration day at the Fieldlab De Tongelreep (Sportinnovator Center) to show the possibilities for the equestrian sports, and show that these align with an already proven concept in the swimming sport

The objectives for this project:

  • Gain training goal information of a high level rider
  • Measure a piaffe of the high level rider
  • Present improvement areas of the high level rider to the rider
  • Develop an inspiration presentation for Coach 5 coaches