The purpose of the project is to research athlete physiology related to climate and training effort, and to design and demonstrate how a climate chamber can help sport horses adapt to climate differences when travelling to different climates to participate in competitions.

Athletes and their horses have to adapt to climate differences when going to international competitions and games, like the Olympics in Rio, the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo or the World Equestrian Games in Tryon. Not only is the climate different, the athletes have to peak in their performance at these competitions. Human athletes have several places that they can prepare themselves for these conditions. However, there is no place in the world where a climate chamber for equestrian athletes (both rider and horse) exists, that also has the capacity in terms of size for these athletes to actually train simulating the real life conditions.

This project includes research the requirements, to design and build a climate controlled, 20 by 40 meters chamber, for the equestrian athletes, riders and horses. Two options will be researched: climate control between 0°C and 50°C; and climate control between -20°C and 50°C. Aiming at a humidity range between 20% till 90% in respect to the dew point.

Research will be done concerning relevant and essential aspects of physiology of athletes (rider and horse) when training, technical requirements of chamber in relation to the required contents in the chamber (like footing) and the climate control requirements for training and research purposes. Following research, the project goes into development of the functional requirement of the climate chamber, designing the 20 by 40 meter chamber and possibly the integration with the sports facility and, lastly, construction of the demonstration chamber. Not only will it be functional for athletes but it can be used as a model for the industry as research and development.

Preferably this project will be included in the sport facility of the future project, an innovative training facility where performance and welfare are the main objectives.