It is important never to loose track of why we are doing what we do at EquInnoLab. - So why not combine the thing we love (horses) with teambuilding and exploring the "field". So we took a field trip to the 5* CSI at the Peelbergen.

Staying close to the field is one of the key elements of our company. Experiencing a high level competition first hand, is always a great way to come up with new ideas and research subjects. And, on top of that, it is a good place to go to with the team of interns that work within the company on their paper or internship, helping extending the knowledge of our center.

Stephanie, Imke and Kim joined today. For Imke, it was the first time seeing a horse show and visiting the great location of the Peelbergen in Kronenberg. It gave them a lot of inspiration to take home and to implement in their assignments and research.

Photo credit: De Peelbergen Facebook