This is the third project with Limburg Sport Horse Breeding Association's project Breeder searches Rider - freely translated as Breeder searches Rider. We aim to provide insights and objective guidance for newly formed combinations, guiding the breeder/owner, rider and horse to a higher level. Unique in this project is the focus on the horse.

The third edition of this collaboration is very exciting. The "Stichting Sportpaardenfokkerij Limburg" aims to support breeders/owners in getting riders for their young horses and to support new young riders in finding good young horses to ride. It is the third project under the name Fokker zoekt Ruiter and we want to step up the game to also measuring horses and supporting training decisions for the horse as well.

In this edition, we test a marker model for the horse developed for training purposes in Show Jumping. We evaluate the technique of newly formed combinations with the EquInnoLab. MOTION system and hold this against the research performed on Show Jumping horses. This provides a steep learning curve for our collaboration, and valuable training input for the coach and riders in this program. The breeders/owners of the horse learn a lot about their horse and its talent as well.

The setup of this project allows to learn while doing, and being able to retrieve knowledge from breeders and trainers/coaches when examining and discussing the data. We have two objectives:

  • Measure strengths and weaknesses of horse and rider
  • Provide training support based on training principles