Combining knowledge from our Training Centre and our Fieldlab allows us to make insightful analyses that can help boost training performance. 

This project was initiated by a client who approached us to help evaluate and improve the piaffe. Our general training support can be applied through using the EquInnoLab MOTION system to analyze the movement of both horse and rider during the piaffe. This gives us a clear insight into the straightness for example, and whether the horse elevators legs on both sides at equal speeds and to the same heights. However, since we are evaluating a specific dressage exercise, we must also do more research into which factors define an excellent piaffe.

We will do this by examining the jury handbook, which gives detailed descriptions of how the jury scores the piaffe. Additional to this, since we cannot get all information from the handbook, we will speak with members of the jury themselves to ask their views or to provide clarification of the handbook. We will also discuss with renowned trainer-coaches and other dressage experts to determine which points we must measure to correctly analyse a piaffe. 

With these determinants in mind, we must revisit the marker model of our MOTION system and make alterations or additions so that we are able to measure all essential points. Besides defining the essential points, we must also write formulas to translate the collected data into numbers or values that mean something to both coach and rider. The ultimate goal of this project is to research the technique of the piaffe so that we can perform a tailored movement analysis and give personal training advice.