Out of a total of no less than 123 requests, EquInnoLab and FreeSense Solutions are one of the fortunate ones that will receive the support of the MKB-Innovation stimulation Topsectors (M.I.T.)

This provides part of the necessary funding for the realisation of our vision, to better understand the equestrian sport and to provide more abstract data of the performance of rider and horse.

Via this subsidy, EquInnoLab will start to develop the EquiCloud, an online database in which riders and instructors can at any time recall and use their personal files. This way, the EquiCloud will become a base of knowledge on both personal and general level, since all collected data will also form the base of EquInnoLab’s research around the equestrian sports as a whole. The more data we collect, the more reliable our specialists’ advice will become, and the more we can actually say about performance in horse riding. The EquiCloud will therefore serve both the athlete, and the sport.