Today, Lentiz organised an open day at the equestrian top sports company Chardon in collaboration with Equestrum. During this open day in Den Hoorn, Equestrum presented the Equestrum Equestrian Action Plan South Holland in which EquInnoLab. plays a big role.

It was very nice to see that so many people are interested in the Lentiz’s equestrian sports education. The facility of Driving champions IJsbrand and Bram Chardon, managed by wife and mother Pauline Chardon, was a true pleasure to be at. Once again, we experienced that equestrianism is a true lifestyle!

The official part of this day was very exiting. We were able to present the Equestrian Action Plan South Holland to many stakeholders, and other interested people. The project Practoraat Circulaire Manege & Hippische Innovaties is a big part of this actions plan, as well as the collaboration with EquInnoLab. towards an Equestrian Campus in South Holland.

Thank you for all the hospitality and it was a honour for our innovation manager Alain to be part of the team presenting the Action Plan!

Photos by Mirjam Lems.