The project aims at delivering a Concept for a Sustainable Building for a Equine Sports Facility, studying the welfare and the norms of keeping horses and a demonstration building that can be used as a model for scaling up.

We truly need to redefine the standards of how we keep our horses, in our facilities. Taking into account the welfare, the nutritional and the movement standards, the project will feed into the knowledge base on welfare and housing the horses but also into innovations in the management of horses. We are developing a building concept that can be copied and used in a great scale. We use research to design a specific application in terms of a building concept, and demonstration object.

Bold as it may sound, the project starts with architect’s plan and runs into research on sustainable construction of equine accommodation, done by students of Eindhoven University of Technology. During an estimated 2 years, the project will deliver, from scratch, a demonstration building that is smart and sustainable, energy efficient and with welfare for the end user in mind, the horse, the rider and the employee.