Equestrian Sports Innovation Center EquInnoLab. has been officially appointed as a partner company of HAS Hogeschool in Venlo. Managing partner Alain Broft of EquInnoLab. and branch director Frans van Leijden signed the cooperation agreement this week.

EquInnoLab. is the only equestrian innovation center in the world located in the Netherlands. As a partner of HAS Hogeschool, the center functions in the field of sustainability and innovation in the equestrian and equestrian sector. EquInnoLab does this. by making various facilities available within the company, but also by means of internships and guest lectures. The aim is a good connection between education and practice, to the mutual benefit of both partners.

The future of Equestrian Sports

EquInnoLab. is a young and ambitious company that started in 2016. The company is engaged in sustainability and innovation in all aspects of the equestrian and equestrian sector. EquInnoLab is the place for everyone who wants to be involved in shaping the future of equestrian sports and the associated sector, due to its unique team, close position in the sports market and thanks to the expertise of its employees.

Realistic test environment

For students who are trained in the field of equestrian sports, it is interesting to have a look in the kitchen of EquInnoLab. and to participate in interesting challenges within the center. However, it is also a unique place for students with a background outside of the equestrian studies to contribute to the future of equestrian sports. They can work in various fields, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. EquInnoLab. has a broad and international orientation, as well as specific knowledge and experience in the field of equestrian sports and is therefore ideally suited to act as a partner of HAS University of Applied Sciences.