EquInnoLab. wants to better understand the equestrian sport. One of our main goals is therefore to be able to analyse both rider and horse in action, so that we can use evidence-based data to help improve the performance of each combination. And moreover, to show that improvement through reliable data. An essential means to this end, is to actually séé rider and horse in action, using digital eyes; A high speed camera system.

To help us contrive the necessary technical requirements, and to explore the possibilities for such a system, subsidy was needed. And it came. LIOF LBDF saw eye to eye with EquInnolab, and conducted the possibility for a Proof of Principle.

Via this Proof of Principle, EquInnoLab. aims to conduct a feasibility study to the development of an innovative video analysis system of rider-horse combinations. Feasibility will be investigated with regard to the technical possibilities, technical design and corresponding costs of such a system. The gathered knowledge will be used to develop an analysis system covering the whole arena. This will be a modular system which can either be used in a static or dynamic manner. The system has to be able to analyse riders’ technique and posture of the rider and horse, as well as provide feedback to the coach and rider.

With this ultimate goal in mind, EquInnoLab. will proceed through several steps. First, a literature study will be conducted to gather up-to-date knowledge on video analysis techniques. Second, a test set-up to validate the feasibility will be created. Third, a market analysis will be executed and a business case will be created. Fourth, a prototype with moving cameras which can automatically recognise riders’ and horses’ movements and provide real-time feedback will be designed. Lastly, a patent analysis will be conducted. Those five steps will be separated into three different topics, to be known static system, dynamic system and market requirements and business case.

This feasibility research is a most important first step towards the horizon. However, we believe that the earth is round, and so the horizon will always be further away than we are now. For EquInnoLab., there is no such thing as an end-goal, just steps along the way. Thanks to LIOF LBDF, our journey has begun.