Today, our intern Kim Koopmans finished her interviews with her Skype meeting with Henk Dirksen about his KWPN inspection job for Show Jumping horses. Yesterday, she interviewed Floor Dröge about Dressage.

Another information source for the pilot study on the use of the EquInnoLab. MOTION system in the talent recognition process for horses is breeding literature. The KWPN designed a booklet ‘The KWPN horse; Selection for performance’, in which all conformation, movement and jumping traits are defined and explained into depth. Some pronunciations still desired some explanation, before it would be possible to use this information to design a marker model. Therefore, the KWPN inspectors Floor Dröge and Henk Dirksen are interviewed during the last two days. Floor Dröge is specialized in scoring dressage horses, while Henk Dirksen is mainly focused on scoring jumping horses.

Due to the COVID-19 measures from the RIVM, we decided to move the planned face-to-face interviews to the online Skype platform. This ensured that, despite the fact that we were all safely at home, we were able to conduct a personal interview, which worked out really well.
The interviews resulted into clarification of all scoring traits, whereby a first design of a marker model will be made in the upcoming weeks. Floor Dröge and Henk Dirksen both wanted to remain involved in the next steps of the pilot study, which we see as a strong and valuable addition!

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