To expand our international reach, we joined the trade mission to Florida, USA, organized by Limburg Paardensport from March 2nd till March 9th.

A total of 14 entrepeneurs from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany participated in the joined business trip to Wellington and Ocala, the hotspots on the east coast of the United States. It was very nice to see that such a diverse group of equestrian entrepreneurs leads to a very versatile program and helps with broadening your view. Besides that, it was very valuable to get to know the group and their businesses better as well, and we hope to start collaborating on some possible projects briefly discussed during this trip.

Wellington is the heaven for equestrians, where riders from across the whole world gather for the Winter Equestrian Festival. Every year from December til the end of March, competitions are organized at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Centre. As we work with, and provide services to professional riders and coaches, we just had to explore the environment and see how our services would suit the needs of training within such a 12-week festival. Other than that, the Show Jumping event venue as well as the Dressage venue were very inspiring, and gave us enough leads for future applications of our innovations.

We also visited Ocala, Florida, where they are currently constructing the World Equestrian Center. Here, we also visited professional stables and a Driving competition, where we met one of our Lentiz Equestrian Sport student! What a small world.

Thanks to Cissy Schuring and Sander Kleikers, we enjoyed a well thought through program.