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 Long-term guidance

Would you rather be guided for a longer period of time? That is also possible!
Our experts and coaches are always there for you.

An important part of this long-term program is that our experts and coaches really get to know you. The guidance is very personal and is fully adapted to your goals and level.

Our team will start with a number of interviews and will fully measure you as an athlete, but also your horse. We will look at how you perform individually, but also how you perform as a combination. By collecting this information we can optimally prepare for the next step, which is to create a personal training plan.

The training plan will be fully tailored to your needs and wishes, but will also take into account your schedule and any competitions. The intensity of the program will also be adjusted accordingly. Whether you need daily, weekly or monthly guidance.

We can also help you with a complete planning, we will then look together at which competitions are interesting to ride and how you can best prepare for them.

It is possible to stable your horse(s) at our facility at Green Valley Estate, this is our preference for a long and intensive program because this way we can best guide and monitor you. Of course it is also possible to follow the program from a distance or to come to our location regularly for training.

During the course we will monitor you, your horse and you as a combination to see how things are going and how you respond to the training. We will take into account the set goals, but any plan should be flexible so that it is possible to adapt to vacations, illness, injuries or other events.

Because our long-term training programs are always customized to the riders' needs, goals and abilities, we do not have fixed prices for this.

For more information or a free intake interview please contact us at