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Competition Training

Prepare well for your next competition! Whether you have just started riding competitions or are competing at the highest level, it is always nice to be able to practice at a different location. That's why we offer the possibility to join our competition training dressage and jumping at the fantastic location of Green Valley Estate. 


You can choose from a 15-minute training with tips and tricks or a full competition training of 30 minutes (reserve 2 time slots of 15 minutes in a row when registering). At both trainings you get the opportunity to ride a test of your choice.

De trainingen worden gegeven door Jenny Broft – Schreven, ORUN Coach 5 NOC*NSF en Grand Prix Jurylid, soms nodigen we een gastjury uit. Dit staat dan aangegeven bij de betreffende wedstrijdtraining. 

You will have the opportunity to ride loose in another lane beforehand. The training is given in a competition arena. The training can be filmed and the test can be read out, you have to take care of this yourself. Your own trainer/instructor is also welcome to come and watch. The choice is free to participate in competition or training outfit. 

Are you looking for a fun event at your club or stable. It is also possible to organize a competition training at your location. Send an email for more information. 

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During the competition training the emphasis lies on the tactical aspect within the jumping course. You learn how to ride the lines, how to ride the turns as fast and as agile as possible and how to use the strengths of your horse.

There is a full jumping course built for you. You ride your horse/pony yourself in the loose arena, after which you ride the course at your designated start time as in a competition situation.

Afterwards, you will receive tips on areas for improvement in the course and there is still the opportunity to ride a few lines over with the help of the trainer/coach. De wedstrijdtrainingen duren 10 minuten per combinatie. 

If you are interested in more extensive jumping training/competition training: we also regularly organize clinics of well-known jumpers/trainers where we go deeper into the preparation for a competition or promotion to a higher level. You can find all events in our agenda. 

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