The most important thing when introducing new phenomena such as the Practorate, is getting to know the existing stakeholders and getting them involved. During the Kick-off at Chardon Paardensport today, we did just that.

As part of the project Practicum Circular Equestrian Center & Equestrian Innovations, we did an official kick-off today at the Business Meeting of the Lentiz Equestrian Sport education. Alain Broft was introduced as Practor and project leader, and did an interactive poster session with all involved companies to find the needs of the industry. The topic we focused on was: "What do you hold your future employee responsible for?" In other words: what do you expect them to have knowledge of and be educated for.

This information will be processed and used as input for finding the right subjects in the Practicum. Making it a valuable project, for the future employee, but also for the future working place and teachers.

Thank you all for such a nice and interactive session! Next steps: getting to know your businesses personally.