The project's goal is to design a marker model for the EquInnoLab. MOTION system that is based on Breeding and Biomechanics research. Other than that, conceptually test the model and evaluate the potential of the use of motion analysis in inspections.

Having the long-term goal of setting up an extensive research on motion analysis for the studbook inspections, a pilot is needed to test the applicability. Most of the project will be research and the gathered knowledge will go into creating a training course that the studbooks can use to train their judges. 

The objectives of the project aim at the talent recognition of horses for Show Jumping and Dressage, performed by the Dutch studbook KWPN. We take the linear scoring method as a basis for developing the model.

The plan is to gain knowledge on the biomechanics / kinematics of horses' gaits and jumps, develop a marker model for measuring these traits and, after evaluation, develop a course for KWPN judges on biomechanics behind the talent recognition. 

Part of this project will be performed by our graduation intern Kim Koopmans, of our partner Van Hall Larenstein.