The project aims to implement Practoraat as part of the curriculum of the MBO Instructor Horse Sport Education.

Regarded as one of the more traditional sports industries, the equestrian industry is trying to catch up with the times. As technology and innovation are already shaping sports’ future, the equestrian industry is the only one to have a sport-dedicated profession (MBO) education. How can innovation become ever present in the equestrian? How can we question the methods we use in the sport? By starting at the practical level. More specifically, by developing and implementing a Practoraat into the MBO Instructor Horse Sport education. 

A Practoraat is a Dutch phenomenon that is based on the University Chair idea, only placed in Secondary Vocational Education level. Its goal is to develop and explore new professional practices through practice-oriented research embedded in education. It always revolves around a specific theme fitting the education and tries to add value for the companies, students and teachers involved. Preparing for the future field of practice and improving the quality of education.

Together with Equestrum and Lentiz Onderwijsgroep (knowledge institute), here at EquInnoLab we are setting up the foundation for this Practoraat, embedded within their MBO Instructor Horse Sport education. A “practoraat” will encourage their students to articulate problems that have a direct effect on the industry. Exploring alternatives and trying to learn from other sectors, we can enhance the level of our sports industry. Additionally, the cooperation between the Practoraat and EquInnoLab is the perfect gateway to translate the problem articulation into research and innovation projects together with colleges, universities and industry. And not to forget, it also gives innovation the chance to see daylight through the network of the Practoraat.